Love Is

Love has very little to do with freedom if it recognizes it at all. Love is a binding force. It helps us over come separateness in our thinking and in our under-standing of Truth. Love is is is is… When we get into emotional aspects of love, like loving them enough or loving them 100% we are not dealing with the love but a personal concept of humanness.

Truth is not emotional, well okay it is sexy and seductive, but not really emotional, neither is love. Love is not emotional. We think we feel it with your hearts, but what we are really feel­ing is the pull of the energy it represents. This energy is pulling and pushing us to greater accep­tance and under-standing of our self as Truth as not being separate from God. Love is the force, which takes us to the Garden of Eden where in we may stand naked before God unashamed in our wholeness and perfection. When we try to break the bindings of love and leave the Gar­den of Eden we feel spiritual pain. Our quest as Translators is to build a Garden of Eden over and over again, so that we may know God un­afraid and without shame and guilt.

We do not expand our consciousness without others. Consciousness is reflective in nature. Reflecting consciousness shows us our percep­tion and that which resides in our unconscious mind. In isolation we tend to become insular re­fusing to dilate out to the universe and accept the seeds of God and Truth in our conscious­ness. Love needs another it needs the rela­tionships of Truth in its drive to dilate and ac­cept God and Truth.

Love is the communion of life. It is para­mount to our expression of life. The need for communion is so important that we would hit the most delicate of all beings at birth, so that they would announce the appearance in the group and readiness to participate in the communion of life as love. Communion and communication are the same concept. When accepting a communion you accept the link/talk with the Christ self.

In participating in the communion of life we give voice sound to Truth. “In the beginning was the word and the word was God.” We are the weav­ers of the Universe. In our work and under­standing during moments of communion, we weave the new fabric of universal conscious­ness. We weave the host, the blood and body of the Christ consciousness. This can only be done in a relationship with another to have full impact. So whether it is with one or a group or a healing triad, it must still be done with reflective con­sciousness.

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