Healing Love

Today at 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern time Healing Love at the ACIMgather room on Paltalk. Go to acimgather.us for instructions to Paltalk and the radio. Please join us for an hour of healing.

Our history (what we have come to belief about life) defines our existence. Our ontological existence or being is expressed through the unconscious lenses we see through. This existence isn’t always in alignment with Truth, all there is or wholeness. Illness of any kind is based on the archetype of Adam and Eve’s expelled from the Garden of Eden. They were separated from God/Truth and for the first time experienced binary consciousness.

The separation from the (tribe) wholeness, Truth/God is the causer in consciousness of illness. When we Translate (see theprosperos.org for more info) you are removing the lenses of separation (Translation, prayer and meditation are a asking to return to this wholeness or the Garden of Eden, where there is one consciousness.

The only healing is a return to this state of oneness of fission with the creator source, Truth, God, One mind, consciousness. Fusion is a description of love. To love is to come together to merge to be as one. Only in this state do any of us heal.

The only healing for any of us is in love. No one can give you love, make you happy or heal you. This is a solo flight. Love is a space we must move into if we want to be loved. Sometimes, being in a space of love, is accepting the love of those around you. It always is about giving love. Love is a passionate force (not particularly emotional) that seeks to know itself through us. It seeks to merge and connect and be known. All connections are of love all relationships are of love…no matter how they appear in our consciousness a connection can only be made in love.

Love is creative, seeking to produce, merge and create new life through new understanding. When we are connected to others we seek to co-create. Bringing forth greater and greater expressions of Love…in these connections we are healed. No longer do we experience the pain of separation. No longer do we cry in loneliness within our soul.

When you move into the loving space, you will know. You will know you are healed, no matter what the simply being in a space of love. You are surrounded by love and those who await you. Only you can move there…into to that space. You will know you are ready to go forth creating and loving with all the connections you will make with your life. Healing is not a miracle… it is

@ 2016-2018 Suzanne Deakins, from When God Whispers available on amazon.com


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