In The Service of Love

I didn’t even begin to understand love until I was in my early twenties. I had warm heart feelings for many people and ideas and I often called this love. I thought love was for the lucky person. I had no idea who and what I really was.

Then came my first child. Through the pain and fear my first child was born. They brought Gregg to me. Swaddled in sterile blankets. Looking down I saw the small face scrunch up and moving its lips in a sucking motion. Becom­ing overwhelmed with emotion, for the first time I knew absolute love and beheld the face of God. This small bundle carried the face of God and absolute love.

My path has taken me down many avenues of love. One thing I am certain of is that the appearance withstanding it has been a path of love, Absolute Love. Love has no opposites and does not reside in the binary world of duality. It is never lacking, is ever evenly present. The human mind is too feeble to grasp the enormity of what the creator of all life has done. We try to take this abstract idea, this nothing and make it physical. We name it label it, give it opposite saying such things that fear is the opposite of love. Fear is an ego thought and idea. Love is of the creator and is the manifestation of all life. Life has been created in love. We are the manifestation of love. We are a vessel of love in the service of love.

To be in the service of love is not a right or a privilege it is a mandate of our creator source. Our feeble human thinking wants us to see the beginnings and endings to see lack and fear.

Ego thought tells us to form categories, to be afraid, it tells us God/Truth/One Mind and love are hiding from us. It says we have been abandoned by love, God, Truth, and one mind. This leads us down a path of constant looking rather than just being and seeing all we need and are already is.

God/Truth has never hidden. Love is all life manifesting and can’t be covered up with pain and sorrow… it cant be the opposite of fear… for fear is a human thought and Love is the thought of God, Truth, and Higher Consciousness. Truth is always present and can’t be absent.

We stand on the brink of our future looking into the vast center of chaos shaking like a small rabbit unable to grasp we are the source of love itself, manifesting it without end. We climb the mountain of Dante every day having found our name in the fires of our own hell. We stand quaking and trembling afraid to descend the mountain to the valley. In the valley, we find our cosmic destination. Our destination in manifesting love in all we do expressing giving and receiving love as love. Dilating out to the universe. You cannot hide from God or Love, for the eyes of the creator source knew you before you were. You are in the service of love every day of life. You have only to open your arms and recognize all that is and all will be, Love.

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Healing Love

Today at 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern time Healing Love at the ACIMgather room on Paltalk. Go to for instructions to Paltalk and the radio. Please join us for an hour of healing.

Our history (what we have come to belief about life) defines our existence. Our ontological existence or being is expressed through the unconscious lenses we see through. This existence isn’t always in alignment with Truth, all there is or wholeness. Illness of any kind is based on the archetype of Adam and Eve’s expelled from the Garden of Eden. They were separated from God/Truth and for the first time experienced binary consciousness.

The separation from the (tribe) wholeness, Truth/God is the causer in consciousness of illness. When we Translate (see for more info) you are removing the lenses of separation (Translation, prayer and meditation are a asking to return to this wholeness or the Garden of Eden, where there is one consciousness.

The only healing is a return to this state of oneness of fission with the creator source, Truth, God, One mind, consciousness. Fusion is a description of love. To love is to come together to merge to be as one. Only in this state do any of us heal.

The only healing for any of us is in love. No one can give you love, make you happy or heal you. This is a solo flight. Love is a space we must move into if we want to be loved. Sometimes, being in a space of love, is accepting the love of those around you. It always is about giving love. Love is a passionate force (not particularly emotional) that seeks to know itself through us. It seeks to merge and connect and be known. All connections are of love all relationships are of love…no matter how they appear in our consciousness a connection can only be made in love.

Love is creative, seeking to produce, merge and create new life through new understanding. When we are connected to others we seek to co-create. Bringing forth greater and greater expressions of Love…in these connections we are healed. No longer do we experience the pain of separation. No longer do we cry in loneliness within our soul.

When you move into the loving space, you will know. You will know you are healed, no matter what the simply being in a space of love. You are surrounded by love and those who await you. Only you can move there…into to that space. You will know you are ready to go forth creating and loving with all the connections you will make with your life. Healing is not a miracle… it is

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To Love Is Holy

To Love is Holy

We live the spirit of being                                                                                                       Reaching out to touch our isness                                                                                          Fear to love what death can touch                                                                                                To love, hope, and dream to be fills us with fear                                                                    To be and to loose A thing for fools                                                                                               A holy thing this hope and dream of being and a holy thing this love to be

Your life has lived in me                                                                                                                Your laugh once lifted me                                                                                                                  Your word was gifted me                                                                                                                  To remember this brings painful joy                                                                                          Tis a human thing love                                                                                                                      A holy thing To love what death can touch

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We do not fall in love physically with another we first fall in love psychically. We touch the spirit of each other, reaching out beyond our chrysalis to find the JOY of being intimate with the spirit and psyche of another. The moment our spirit touches another, the moment we connect our spirits, the bonds of isolation are dropped and for however brief we know total acceptance and absolute love. Our being is filled with joy we experience bliss and the grace of God and Spirit.

In my life I have had many intimate relationships. It is perhaps more honest to say relationships I thought were intimate relationships. In my work I found, we all seek mates and friends who remind us in some manner of our parents (After all what other source of education do we really have in the beginning about intimacy other than our parents?)

I sought to be comfortable, safe, and loved unconditionally. What I found was not so comfortable nor was it without a horrendous price to my ego and spirit. I found myself being afraid my looks would diminish and love would not be there. I found myself in abusive relationships. What I did not find was the Joy of Intimacy nor did I find my hunger to be known in an intimate manner fulfilled. Sex was great, but the isolation and barriers only disappeared for short periods, and then the isolation would return. I only broke through the fog of aloneness when I became acute enough to know it begins with being intimate with the self. And in this we loose the aloneness, the loneliness, and the lack of love we often feel.

The secret I have learned is that we only love the spirit of another. We are capable, like good mothers, of loving all that come across our path. BUT to fall in love to have an intimate relationship means we must be willing to be vulnerable and surrender. In this, we will know the other person psychically and allow our self to be known psychically. The rest of the secret is we only fall in love at a spiritual level. All the rest is window dressing. Love is not created out of feelings, emotions, or saying I do. But is the container in which we grow and become intimate with all life.

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The Creator of all life is absolute love.