Righteous Anger A Paradox

A radical inner transformation and a rise to a new level of consciousness is our only hope of freedom.

 To me emotions are a tool. They are neither good nor bad, but tools to help us navigate our life on a spiritual path. Most of us don’t have control of our emotions in the beginning of our journey. We try to hide our feelings or become upset when are emotions are not recognized by others. In my study I have learned that many emotions are connected to past experiences that cause us to block insight and Truth.

Anger is one of the hardest emotions to understand. At the moment of anger we all feel justified in being angry. Through my work I have identified many different types of anger.

Suppression:  You consciously (with intention) exclude the feelings of anger. We often push down the feelings and blocking past experiences and causes of the anger. This stops exclusion from consciousness of a thought or feeling. This choice stops healthy processing. It also contributes to a toxic level of internalized anger. Suppressing anger can cause depression.

Aggression:  Entails offensively assaulting or attacking others seeking to hurt others or seek revenge. We feel we have been wrongly accused or hurt in some manner and seek to take back our emotions. Through The Prosperos (www.theprosperos.org) Releasing the Hidden Splendor you can release your self and others from this cycle of hurt-revenge-hurt. Radical forgiveness helps you to understand the consciousness of your anger and situational causer.

Passive Aggression:  This type of anger is often hard to recognize. The anger’s communication of negative emotions is in passive, indirect ways such as manipulation or noncooperation. This choice pretends to be ok, but seeks revenge covertly rather than openly.

Simply recognizing the anger does not process it. We need to understand the unconscious motivation behind the expression of anger in all of its forms in order to be released from the power it holds over us. It is only by accepting consciousness as the causer in all cases that we can let go of the anger. Letting go of anger doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the situation as being unjust or one that is causing harm to others.

By recognizing the consciousness of anger and the causer we lift the destabilizing blindness and rage often present. Anger that is unresolved can cause toxic amounts of hormones and impact your health and mental wellbeing.

Righteous Anger is using the energy presented with anger to make just changes in your life or that of others. It can become an effort to protect others such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Righteous Anger is not physical aggressive, nor verbally abusive. It is a peaceful approach knowing that all there is, is Truth/God/One Mind. Once you have reached that understanding doorways of thoughts you become aware of many avenues of actions available to help resolve the unjust and danger to others.

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