Righteous Anger A Paradox

A radical inner transformation and a rise to a new level of consciousness is our only hope of freedom.

 To me emotions are a tool. They are neither good nor bad, but tools to help us navigate our life on a spiritual path. Most of us don’t have control of our emotions in the beginning of our journey. We try to hide our feelings or become upset when are emotions are not recognized by others. In my study I have learned that many emotions are connected to past experiences that cause us to block insight and Truth.

Anger is one of the hardest emotions to understand. At the moment of anger we all feel justified in being angry. Through my work I have identified many different types of anger.

Suppression:  You consciously (with intention) exclude the feelings of anger. We often push down the feelings and blocking past experiences and causes of the anger. This stops exclusion from consciousness of a thought or feeling. This choice stops healthy processing. It also contributes to a toxic level of internalized anger. Suppressing anger can cause depression.

Aggression:  Entails offensively assaulting or attacking others seeking to hurt others or seek revenge. We feel we have been wrongly accused or hurt in some manner and seek to take back our emotions. Through The Prosperos (www.theprosperos.org) Releasing the Hidden Splendor you can release your self and others from this cycle of hurt-revenge-hurt. Radical forgiveness helps you to understand the consciousness of your anger and situational causer.

Passive Aggression:  This type of anger is often hard to recognize. The anger’s communication of negative emotions is in passive, indirect ways such as manipulation or noncooperation. This choice pretends to be ok, but seeks revenge covertly rather than openly.

Simply recognizing the anger does not process it. We need to understand the unconscious motivation behind the expression of anger in all of its forms in order to be released from the power it holds over us. It is only by accepting consciousness as the causer in all cases that we can let go of the anger. Letting go of anger doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the situation as being unjust or one that is causing harm to others.

By recognizing the consciousness of anger and the causer we lift the destabilizing blindness and rage often present. Anger that is unresolved can cause toxic amounts of hormones and impact your health and mental wellbeing.

Righteous Anger is using the energy presented with anger to make just changes in your life or that of others. It can become an effort to protect others such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Righteous Anger is not physical aggressive, nor verbally abusive. It is a peaceful approach knowing that all there is, is Truth/God/One Mind. Once you have reached that understanding doorways of thoughts you become aware of many avenues of actions available to help resolve the unjust and danger to others.

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Throwing Away Spiritual Junk And Finding A State Of Grace.

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There is a disease in our world called hoarding. It is almost at endemic levels in the spiritual world. We hear something that seems real or reinforces our current ego state and we say yeah… “I buy that.” The idea is then put into our spiritual/religious closet and usually kept there. After awhile the closet is so full we can’t open the door without becoming overwhelmed with philosophies that no longer are valid, but we hold onto them. Holding on because we are afraid that we will miss something, we will be less worthy and connected.

Our ego has allowed us to ingest junk spiritual food. Junk spiritual food are those ideas that may be Truth to a degree, but lack depth and a path that we can walk to remember who we really are. By consuming these junk spiritual ideas, our mind has become toxic to the point that we can no longer distinguished between healthy and junk ideas. We let our ego take us through one idea after another looking for something that will satisfy that internal hunger of wanting to belong of being loved and desired. The need to be loved and wanted is as much spiritual as it is physical. The spiritual needs always plays out in some physical manner.

The road to cleaning out your hoarding closet is not particularly easy or fast. And no one path of cleaning fits all of us. What I have learned in my own cleaning is that each path leads to the same place. A remembering of your true identity where you strip away all that feeds the ego. The ego keeps you emotional and spiritual locked into old ideas and language.

The tendency of the Western consciousness is to think in binary terms. This binary idea then forces us back into a puritanical place of separation of our consciousness.

It literally forces us to consume ideas that further blind us to the hoarding and lack of connection to Truth/God. For us to move past hoarding we must embrace consciousness as the progenitor, the causer, the father of all actions and reactions.

Once we can embrace consciousness as the causer we can let go of all kinds of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual junk that covers our true identity. We can embrace the idea that our identity is no more or less than consciousness aware of itself as consciousness. With this we can unload our hoarding closet and throw out all of the ideas that have fed our ego and false identity.

This act of consciousness automatically renders a state of grace where we are embraced by the cohesive force we call love. We know that our true nature is manifesting in infinite variety without the death or birth, without beginning or end ever evenly present.

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The Dragon Enchantment of Self: Part 3 The identity of Forever

The symbol of the dragon has always fascinated me. My time in China did not cure that enchantment. In fact the concept of enchantment has been in the forefront of my thinking. The dragon in China is a spiritual and cultural symbol. It is assigned to those individuals who are powerful and successful the symbol of a dragon eating his tail (the same as a snake eating its tail) is one of infinity. The snake is a symbol of healing and when eating its’ tail shows the power of enchantment and healing of the one mind. Dragons are mythical and spell bounding. Their symbol of infinity and healing power dwell within each of us.

The dragon enchantment is of consciousness. We are drawn into the concept mesmerized, spell bound, and enchanted without reason. There is no black and white, in consciousness there is just beingnes, isness in an infinite moment that defines the reality of our self. At some point we realize that the nothingness of being leaves us plasmatic (moldable) allowing us to be all there is. When there is no choice as in being consciousness, we are enchanted being drawn into a world of realization that defines all earthly revelations. We are total power and yet no power at the same moment. The more we surrender to the nothingness of being the more we become enchanted brought to the realization that the self is no more and yet is all there is not separate from all but the all or totality of reality.

The shape of a circle represents the totality of consciousness. For instance the medicine wheel represents that body-mind-spirit. It represents that the healing of self or nation does not come from one area or one being separated but rather acknowledgement of the enchantment of oneness, of wholeness. When illness occurs in a group, country, or world it is because the consensus of the group is one of separation or partition into areas. Healing is by unanimity of the group that all there is, is One. One knowing itself as One manifesting in infinite variety without beginning or end. The forever self of Truth.

“My greatest Medicine [Wheel] is One of the Mind, and Body, and Heart. If you have One Hundred People who Live Together, and if Each One Cares for the Rest, there is One Mind. The Power of this One Single Mind is a Great One, and is a means of Keeping Sickness from Among them. But if Ten of that Hundred do not Care for the Rest of their Brothers and Sisters, then there is a Threat. The Threat is One of Sickness. .. [This is because we] are each a living spinning Medicine Wheel, and Each of us Possesses this Power to Destroy or to Create.” Night Bear.

Night bears statement implies that each human being is somatically tied into the family, tribe, community, country, and Universe. This is the concept of One Mind. Thus by agreement we remain whole as ONE. If we deny this wholeness, this ONENESS of Mind we become ill. The illness, of not caring for each other is by conscious consensus. The forever self is lost in the abyss of either/or, unable to surrender to the NO thingness of consciousness. When any of us cares for the other our self is forever and the dragon capable of healing all body-mind-spirit. To not to care for another (brothers members of our tribe, Universe) is to hate. To hate is an illness. An illness that is only cured by the caring of the other. The infinite circle represented by the medicine wheel, the dragon biting its’ tail, and the snake biting its’ tail is healing, medicine which is to heal the illness.

“If there are ten, a hundred, a thousand, or just one, it is the same. It is not numbers it is completeness. I am an old man, and I have seen clearly what happens when a People are not One. Before the white man began to destroy the unity of the camps, there was very little sickness. I had never seen a child born bad or dead. I never knew a man who was crippled by disease. Crippled man, yes! But they were crippled by carelessness upon the great prairie. This other is a carelessness much more deadly.” White Clay, chief among the Plains Indian People.

A circle, wheel, dragon or snake represents human beings, animals, worlds, and language and all other properties, animate and inanimate. We, human beings, self, mirror all the properties of consciousness and conversely all properties of consciousness mirror human beings and each other. It is called reflective consciousness. All power, energy of life, and being as all properties within it and of consciousness compromised of spirits, the vital essences of life and beingness.

You are forever without beginning or end. Enchanted by the totality of Truth.

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