Identity and Disease

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How we identify our being, self, is directly connect to our relationship to all aspects of our life. In the unconscious mind disease/illness is connected archetypically with the concept of evil, sin, and confusion.

The Archetype of Adam, Eve, and the Garden of Eden resides in our unconscious mind. This archetype is a kind of symbol that is present in all cultures. It deals with creation (creation myths) and being expelled from Eden (a symbol of birth and other transformative moments in life). At the transformative moments our consciousness becomes moldable, and pliable. In this moment we become separated from our creator source becoming confused, delusional, and chaotic. At the point of separation there is a conflict of being and knowledge.

There is the innocence of residing (being) with the creator source in the Garden and confusion and sinfulness (knowledge of two ideas good and evil) because of the transgression (awakening to the idea of a binary, duplicitous thinking) and misperception. Good, must not be mixed with evil the lesson Adam feels he must grasp. This is the moment of disease and illness. The harmony of just being is lost in our identity and we are cast into a wilderness (at birth) where we must learn about good and evil. We must, like Adam, name or classify our being into categories of good and bad. The strict lines of knowledge and the laws that govern physical life.

The sickness we see in the world is this moment of separation. The sickness of separated children from parents, the sickness of not caring for each other, of poverty, hunger, and lack of spiritual connection. I understood that it is a matter of consciousness. But understanding that does not cure or heal the sickness. This moment of separation of our being from spirit causes confusion because our reality is neither/nor.

We assume that the things of nature that were ultimately classed and categorized as neither/nor (suggesting nothingness) or both/and (suggesting a compromise of distinctive or opposites) the chaos is the breaking down of the properties of creation or, if you will, the things of nature. The law (axiomatic law) of disease infers the need for and the maintaining of structure. Structure refers to harmony and order. This is set in our mind that we must remain either male or female and our beingness must be understood as separate from the creator in order to maintain harmony.

The conflict in our being is the confusion or in epistemology terms sin or evil. The law of dis-ease infers the need for and the maintaining of structure. In this case, structure symbolically refers to balance and/or harmony. The collective consciousness of humanity give consensus to certain ideas that eventually becomes laws or facts in our thinking. The consensus of disease is that we have brought it upon ourselves by wrongful (sinful) thought, we have mixed the ideas and no longer have pure thoughts.

This idea is called somato-psychic (as opposed to psychosomatic) in that the universe and body become together a soma of mind or vital essence (spirit and power).   The axiomatic idea is that to loose sight of the collective consciousness and the spiritual body of humanity is bring about bad medicine. In most Native American and Asian cultures the law of order is an integrative and connective compliments of opposing ideas among the properties and bodies of being. This means unless we understand consciousness is our prime sphere of existence we are going to feel separated from our being and creator source consequently experience illness and aloneness.

At this point it becomes easy to see how as a planet we have become full of sickness in our behavior, because we don’t understand our connectedness as consciousness. Unless we return to our true identity as individuals this state of existence will continue.

We must form an enchanted culture where we understand that a somato-psychic cosmos may be considered as a body—mind-spirit; hence, to treat the body is to treat the mind and spirit and vice versa. Where we see in consciousness there is no separation of body-mind-spirit.

In the United States and many Western cultures we treat the mind as being over the body and spirit. Putting the original idea of sin (dualistic thinking) into play in consciousness.

All in all, the Universe is perceived in terms of a mind ­with-a-body. The psychosomatic viewpoint is indicative of the puritanized, disenchanted consciousness and consensus.

Thus leading us to dualistic thinking. Mind, body, and spirit must become as one in our consciousness for us to be healed and return to our True Identity of Consciousness aware of itself as Consciousness.

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