A Fraudulent Identity of the Non-Self

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In my experience the goal of spiritual endeavor is the return to the True identity of self. Name, gender, family, birth information, tribe, and country don’t define the true self. They are adjectives and adverbs that describe what we think we are.

The underlying archetype of the most people is one of puritan To comprehend who we really are on a cosmic level we need to understand what being puritan means. The basis for the puritan archetype is that is deals with a binary (duplicitous) way of dealing with the world.

Being puritanical goes back to the ideas of strict lines non-mixed ideas. In the Garden of Eden (the archetype of creation) Adam and Eve eat of the tree of knowledge and are cast out of the Garden of Eden. Before they eat of the tree of knowledge they know only ONE way. There is no division of power, no good, no evil, NO sin NO non-self. There is only the self as a child of God. Male and Female they are. Meaning they are of one gender, androgynous. There is only good (God) and no evil. There was no death only life.

Once Adam and Eve are outside of the garden with knowledge, they now know two, binary, duplicitous thinking. There is now evil. Everything must be characterized and named. To protect the good it mustn’t be mixed or hybrid with evil. It must remain pure (hence puritanical).

Consequently the bases for good and bad, binary thinking is laid. The fear (to know) of impurity begins to rule our consciousness. We fight sin (to miss the mark or be confused). Puritanical thinking fights to keep lines of thinking pure based on lines of demarcation in our thinking. Male must not be as female, black and white must not be mixed. We fight sinning by trying to keep away from confusion in our language, and in our thinking.

From the moment of birth we are characterized, named, and classified. We are male or female, white, black, brown, or any color of the rainbow. We are taught to color inside the lines, and think in boxes. But our true nature is not Adam and Eve toiling outside of the garden, our natural inclination is to return to the Garden of Eden. To know an existence that is whole and complete in nature.

This separation from Deity/Truth is the bases of all illness. It is disease; it is the death of the soul. Being expelled from the garden is the dark night of the soul. We each replay the scenario of being expelled from the garden. Birth is the beginning, it repeats itself around 11-14 years as we become aware that we are separated from our creator (mother/father) and are not the same as them.

As we face this separation we are forced to make decisions about good and bad, morals, and trying to remain pure. We start categorizing of ideas in our minds (replaying Adam’s work). This is bad, that is good. This is pure that is mixed (sinful). Gradually, depending on parental and school influences, we build a library of fears. Our Non-self is built on fear of those who appear different, whose gender is not readily put into any category, fear of those whose skin color is different… we like Adam are compelled to try to fight the disease of sin, separation, and ultimately death. We are besotted with the idea of being pure in thought and deed. We fight to be right and when an idea seems different we reject it out of hand.

Someplace in our distorted idea of our self we decided we are the non-self. The non-self fills it’s existence with guilt, righteousness, and illness, trying to make up for the impurity of thought (confusion of the laws of nature).

Its desire to return to the Garden of Eden divides our very being. The puritanical thought process has left us in an unknown country, isolated, split into fear of death and life. The only way out if this puritanical process is by dropping the binary thinking and returning to the Truth as whole, complete, and perfect. Each of us struggle with our identity… our true identity.

In The Prosperos we drop this non-self, this binary puritanical thinking for what we know to be true about the nature of reality. We use a tool called Translation. Where we begin to see the return to thinking that is not hampered by duality and boxed in thoughts.

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