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Currently I am working on editing a dissertation from one of my authors. I am more than a publisher, I am a Mentor in The Prosperos, I teach techniques that help us free ourselves from our past traumas, and see our true spiritual identity.

The base of the philosophy is ontology or investigating our beingness in relationship to our consciousness. In this we look at archetypes that reside in our unconscious minds and influence how we perceive our relationships in the world. In our investigation, and study we look at the words in our life and how they influence our consciousness. This brings me back to the dissertation. He has done extensive epistemology (the study of the origin and meaning of words) in his writing.

One of the words he deals with is disease (dis-ease). In dealing with this he goes back to the very beginning of humanity as related in the King James Version of the Bible. Here he explores the ideas of good and evil, the binary concepts of relationships and the causers of our inability to educate ourselves.

Unfortunately when we live in a binary world we must decide between two and leave no room for thinking outside of a prescribed box given to our consciousness by our predecessors. An example of this is how we see disease; we are either healthy or ill. An either or situation is presented, leaving no room for a discovery or breakthrough in our thinking. All psychology deals with the sickness of black and white thinking. When we think in binary terms we find our self limited to either good or bad identity. If I am not good I am bad. God is good, I am not God therefore I am bad.

Disease of any kind, in allopathic or alternative medicine, is looked at as evil, bad. It can’t be good because the natural harmony of the body is disrupted. All life emanates from a creator source. Genesis 1:31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. The word good can be traced back (epistemology of the word) to mean God. God is good. As in Job when Job has an eureka moment where he recognizes that God is all there is, in every blade of grass and the furthest star. The importance of this cannot be ignored. This means that all life is good, no matter how we perceive it, no matter how we think about it. We are good for we are the originator of our thoughts of all life as it appears in our relationships.

This means no matter how a disease is ravishing our body, or any other part of our world it is still God, good manifesting in infinite variety. It is our perception and lack of understanding that puts us out of harmony. Gives us dysphoria with our body gender, and world.

We have not created the illness the disease, we are not being punished, we are simply caught in the binary system of thinking and perception. It is important to remember that even a deadly disease follows a principle. It is not chaotic. It may cause chaos but, even that is based on our in ability to see that God/Truth/being is all there is.

Until we identify as whole, complete, and good we will feel estranged from our true identity as the creator source of our world. We will feel lost, out of touch with our being.

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from Sexual Fluidity



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