Let Freedom Ring

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The last two weeks I have been talking about the importance of understanding our emotional and spiritual identity in my talk on Paltalk at the ACIM Gather room. (Every Friday at 3 PM Pacific time.) Several incidents in my life have left me reassessing my sense of self. The death of children taught me that my grief was being fed by the loss of identity as a mother. It took a while to recapture the idea that my identity was not based on physical life but my relationship to ideas and spiritual philosophy.

Recently I went through another change. The immigration diabolical and separating children from parents and family left me reeling. I did not recognize my country or my place in it. We are brought up with an identity of self that is instilled in us by our parents and community. From an early age we are taught to honor our country and leaders. My father was a career military officer and he instilled in us a sense of pride and respect for all of those who served in the military. I saw my father and other officers make sure the less fortunate, in the communities we lived in, receive much needed services and necessities. Being a volunteer, helping others was a major part of our identity. I suspect that most second generation Americans felt the same way.

So watching families torn apart, rather than being helped as they sought assistance left me confused and in a muddled state of thinking. Where was my country, my identity as an American?

Shame and guilt destroy our sense of self and well-being. And I feel that is exactly what has happened to us the last couple of years. Recouping our sense of pride and well-being is not easy but there are steps we can take. A recent AARP article expounded on how volunteering, and being grateful increased the sense of self and pleasure in life. It appears that these selfless acts increase the part of the brain that releases hormones that raise us out of depression and helplessness feelings.

Being grateful for what we have should be a daily routine. Experience tells us that when we are thankful we are more likely to be able to see our way through muddled thinking and sadness, loss of identity. A simple thank you to your inner self for being is often all it takes.

Volunteering  is difficult sometimes, but there are many ways we can give of our self to others. A simple good morning, nice to see you etc sometimes can set another’s path on a positive note.

America stands for more than freedom, it stands for caring for others, helping others, and being grateful for the opportunities many of us have been given. Life is not perfect neither is our identity as Americans, but one person’s insanity or lack of caring does not change who we are.

Let Freedom Ring in your heart and mind. And know you are not bound by the insanity present around you. Celebrate our independence day the whole year.

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