Renaissance Of Humanity

Renaissance Of Humanity

A small revolution, a renaissance has been happing since humanity landed on the moon. For the first time we had a collective consciousness knowing we were not earth bound but truly of the stars. Thus began a wave of consciousness enlightenment where we are literally being able to restart our humanity with a new sense of identity. We are no longer earth bound or bound by a canon that says we must obey ancient rules and beliefs, which has caused wars, devastation of large sections of humanity, and cruelty at all levels. As much as we have come to see we have free will and no longer need to obey strict father rules in our spiritual and daily lives, we have also come to see that we are part of a great unbounded whole.

Some place in the far reaches of consciousness, at the moment of conception; our conscious mind is seeded with the connection to all life as well as the infinitude of existence. Our umbilical cord is attached to all life, plant, animal, and simple organism etc. We share common genetic codes in most cases at least 70-95%. This means to me, that we cannot undo our connection to life.

We are being reborn into our universe and in a renaissance time where we have the opportunity to understand being human in a whole new manner. We are now in a position to understand we are one with all life manifesting in infinite variety as individuals. For the first time we can begin to think in a deductive manner. We are aware of axioms and the importance of Truth and syllogistic reasoning based on axiomatic premises. In non-philosophical terms this means we have the ability to think in terms of facts that are so no matter where you are (such as 2 + 2=4 is always so). Our reasoning and thinking are no longer based on old prejudices, beliefs, and fears. Thinking abstractly and critically does not preclude using our intuition. We have the ability to go beyond our perceptions based on old beliefs, rules, and dogmas. This means we are free to create a renaissance of community, caring, and our identity

No longer bound by inductive reasoning where we assume things are a certain way because of our beliefs and prejudices; we are free of the shackles of the strict father rules. Inductive reasoning assumes we are different and separate from other beings. This false reasoning can cause us to lack empathy for all life. Good example of inductive reasoning is the proposed travel band. Assuming all people from the banned countries are terrorist. When we think inductively we make assumptions that are not based on facts.

A renaissance, a birth, is always bloody and filled with pain. This past year is a very good indication that as a community, a country, and hopefully a world, we cannot keep a watershed of the old as the new comes. The pain and fear we all feel from time-to-time is all apart of the new birth. Those not connected to our community as participants or allies will still be forced into a birth. Once the birth begins it cannot be put on hold.

There seems to be a cosmic intention that is pushing us forward through the pain and fear. We are being pushed toward a new concept of humanity. Awakened to, as the Chinese say, “human who walks among the stars.” This renaissance is bringing a new love to all that exist.

This is never more apparent than it is in watching the outpouring of concern for children and parents being separated by the USA border patrol. The outcry is one of separating children from their primary source of love. Children and family that know they are whole, complete, and love. The world is filled with individuals who were conceived in love, grew in love, and bring the message to all that would see and know in their hearts. In this we become inclusive in all that we experience and do.

It is time for us all to think with our hearts and feel with our minds.

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