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The suppression of creative urges damages our sense of self and identity. For most of us growing up in a western culture our creative urges were pushed under the surface of our consciousness. Sexually speaking these urges begin soon after the moment of birth. We now know that many women have an orgasm at the moment the baby’s head begins to crown. While any woman who has given birth without sedation will tell you there is pain, women who are aware will tell you there is an enormous sense of release and pleasure. Several European studies have gone on to document this with both birth mothers and midwifes.

To me, this means our first sexual experience, comes at the moment of our birth. We are psychically connected to our birth mother at those moments and for many months to come. If our birth mother was joyous at our birth there will be a start of a joyful paradigm in our consciousness about creativity and sexuality.

At about 2 years old, little boys and girls, become very interested in the genitalia of each other and themselves. Boys notice circumcision and lack of it, girls often feel confused because they have no penis. If this exploration is discouraged and not discussed the child begins to build a negative idea about their sex assign identity.

Around 2 years transgender children will often begin having feelings of confusion about their gender. Parents who try to discourage the feelings and discussion of sexual identification by a child do more harm in suppressing the child and their sense of wholeness and health. Sexual curiosity, feelings, gender inquisitiveness are all a part of building a healthy ego. An ego, which is based on healthy insights into the working of our psyche.

My point with all of this is that gender and sexual assignment discussions are an important part of mental health and the well being of all children. When a parent denies the feelings and need for discussion in these areas the child’s creativity is buried and becomes stagnant.

Understanding your feelings of gender are an important part of realizing your identity. Not because you must act in a certain way, but because if you understand your underlying feelings and identity, you free yourself from the boxes society has placed on us, labeling us binary and limiting our gender identity to male or female.

Carl Jung took Freud’s work on the importance of sexuality and gender in our life a step further. He boldly stated that we are whole, and complete, both female and male genders. He further went on to explore the idea that it takes both the male and female concepts for us to be creative. Creativity is defined as something like baking a cake, building a sand castle… or any other endeavor you might take. Our gender identity, how we view our selves as a sexual creative being is at the very core of our spiritual identity.

Our moment of orgasm no matter how it occurs is a moment of sacredness. It is that one time we are not limited to a preconceived idea about our self, our body, our identity and know we are one with the Universe, one with Truth and God.

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