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What we mean when we say I am I


Spiritual study naturally encompasses discussions and inquiries into our identity. When I define spiritual study my definition includes all of life, the food we grow and eat, the relationships we have with each other, animals, the earth… our bodies. It includes our relationship with what has been called God, higher power…

Relationships of all kinds are a result of how we see ourselves and how this vision relates to how we envision all life. The many roles we inherit in our lifetime form an identity that is dense and sticky. Every experience starts adding a layer to our identity blocking the natural transparency and the clear pathways present that takes us to our spiritual and life fulfillment.

As we age we often become static and stiff. Arthritis and other diseases that cause a stiffness and lack of motion are a good look at how this lack of fluidity in our minds and identity affects the physical being. To tell you that you just have to let go of old identities is what works, but is simplistic and unrealistic for most of us.

To understand what must be done you have to understand how the outcome or end should look. Like any other activity to be successful we need to understand the process, how each step looks and the outcomes.

Covering up our identity with false premises or denying our true identity does not help us move from our static self into the cosmic flow or cosmic power. To start with our true identity is often said to be I am I. Meaning that the roles and physical identification of where we are born, our name, and birth stories are just that stories made up to give a grounding or a point of ascertaining who we are and our relationship to the world. You can decide to make a new story of birth for yourself.

Two things happen at the moment of birth. Someone looks at our genitals and declares we are singularly male or female. Then our butts are whacked to insure we can make a sound and communicate with those around us. Both of these happenings begin us on a journey that will often feel limited, static, and mired in the denseness of mind.

Gender is not based on your biological sex neither is it static.

Starting at the first moment, you must come to terms with the idea that your biological sex is not binary, neither male nor female exclusively. Your gender is by the nature of reality non-binary. You are fluid capable of being any gender at any moment. By nature you are androgynous, NOT just male and female but all genders and capable of being any gender identity at anytime. Gender expression is external. This is based on individual and society concepts and expectations.

Gender Identity is an internal innate feeling of gender, usually based on a binary biological concept of male or female. What we now know is our identity is rarely solely lined up with our biological sex assignment. There are many factors that go into one’s biological sex.

It may seem strange for a spiritual idea to be focused on gender and biological sexual identification, but I have come to understand that the confusion of gender identity and binary biological sexual assignment cause a great deal of trouble in how we see our relationship with life, including what many call Truth, God or higher power.

The simple question is how can an individual understand they are ONE with life, Truth, and God if from the moment of birth they are told they are a part of a system that is either or … I teach that Truth, God is all there is. My biological sex is female. How am I to relate to a male God? To me it is simple… get to a point where we understand that life is fluid, constantly moving, unfolding, and knowing. I know understand that my identity is not dictated by what story I have been told or what society, family, or tribe has dictated.

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Sexual Fluidity

Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D., H.W.M.

Love isn’t created out of feelings, emotions, or saying I do. But is the container in which we grow and become intimate with all life. From Sacred Intimacy

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