One Spirit Press

Who We Are:
One Spirit Publishing is a group of authors, editors, graphic designers and artists who guide and facilitate the writing and publication of works of spirit.

In a virtual environment, we work successfully with a broad array of authors, styles and subject matters. Ultimately, we strive to produce and publish books, which enlighten, educate, and elevate our highest spiritual awareness and practice.

About Our Name:
As a natural state of being, all existence strives to fuse, to come together, as one. The divine is present in all we do. A great awakening occurs when we accept all life as inclusive in our being.

We experience the divine through absolute love, intentional consciousness and mindful practices. Books bring the very breath of life to this process of spiritual awakening. Through words we share and connect our most profound and fundamental truths, knowledge and experiences.

"One" acknowledges our fundamental oneness of being within the divine presence. "Spirit" represents our life long journey for the highest expression of the divine presence.

In 1997 the unique concept of One Spirit Press appeared to Suzanne Deakins. Spirit Press began its life in the late spring of 1997. From the beginning, one of the goals of Spirit Press was to give spirit voice in an infinite variety of ways. This means that our editors work very hard to make sure the Spirit, voice, and energy of the author remain in tact. We work with graphic designers who connect intuitively with the author and their work to produce covers that exemplify the content and intent of the author's work.

When you sign on with One Spirit Press as an author, you are joining a distinctive community of authors, artists, and readers who salute the common connection between all of us as One Spirit.